Media Law Research Center’s survey on newsroom subpoenas

Request for information on subpoenas

Hello, all —

I am Kurt Wimmer, a media lawyer who often represents NPPA on First Amendment matters, and I have a favor to ask of all of you. The top media law organization in the country, the Media Law Resource Center , is compiling a study of efforts of media organizations to resist subpoenas demanding copies of newsgathering materials. It is putting together all statements that journalists have filed in opposition to demands by lawyers, prosecutors and courts for newsgathering materials such as photographs, negatives, notes and the like. This information will be used in a study that will help all of us better protect our materials in the future.
If anyone has a statement they have used to oppose a subpoena or other demand for your newsgathering materials, I would love to have a copy. Or if you can remember signing something but didn’t keep a copy, just drop me an email with anything you can remember about it and I might be able to track it down. I can be reached at or by using the information below. Thanks very much!


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