Updated! Open Oregon’s Quick Reference Guide to Public Records

Thanks to a collaboration with Oregon Public Records Advocate Ginger McCall, an Open Oregon board member, our organization has been able to substantially improve and update the Public Records Guide that has been a beloved staple in classrooms, newsrooms and libraries across the state.

Please view the latest version here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1C87E9IRQHJ7uMHfhGu8fN3bh6L2Fu50sVX2A0eNz45s/edit?usp=sharing

The same easy-to-read information about Oregon Public Records Law is there along with tips for record seekers and keepers alike. Updated features include information about the 2017 legislative reforms, web links, a table of contents and a huge list of resources from local and national organizations interested in open government. Please enjoy and feel free to share with credit to Open Oregon.

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